“Stranger Danger” is Dangerous

 I want to share this article published by the Kidpower International. It is a great example of why we teach “stranger safety” instead of stranger danger:

After a “Stranger Danger” lesson in her kindergarten class, a little girl sat down with her crayons and a big piece of paper. On one side of her drawing, there was a small child being grabbed by a big man, and on the other side, there were two stick-figures waving their arms with tears pouring down their faces. With the help of a classroom aide, this child carefully printed her story, “The man took the girl. The mommy and daddy are sad because they will never see their girl again.”

It does not make kids safer to believe that the world is full of evil people they don’t know called “strangers.” This message just makes them scared without preparing them to be out in the world on their own. In fact, sometimes kids have died because they did not know that they could get help from strangers in an emergency.

For full article visit  http://www.kidpower.org/library/article/how-stranger-danger-hurts-kids/

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For free articles and information about stranger safety, visit our free online library: http://www.kidpower.org/stranger-safety/

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