Share Your Expectations with Caregivers

When bringing my children into new situations I make sure they know how to get help. But how can I be sure they people in charge know what to do? I TELL THEM! I frame it in a way that lets the person in charge know my expectation of them as well.
I introduce myself and my child to the person in charge and say to them, “I wanted to make sure she knew that you are the person to ask for help if she needs to go to the bathroom or doesn’t understand the directions.”( Or whatever else your child might be worried about). Or I might ask, “Are you the person my child should come to if she needs…?” Tone and wording is so important! I don’t want them to feel I don’t trust them, but that we are partners.
This works well for play dates, summer camps and anywhere I leave my child without me.  I find this particularly calming for both me and my child!
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