Preschoolers Can Set Boundaries Too!

Bounce houses are a saving grace for parents on cold weather days! Today was one of those days and all the schools were closed. So I, like half the other parents in town, took my children out to a local bounce house. There were A LOT of kids!

My 3 year old became nervous as some of the bigger kids pushed right past him on the structures. At first he came and told me what was happening. (He was practicing his Kidpower Getting Help skill!)  I walked over to a slide with him and firmly but kindly told the child behind him to wait her turn. (When she did I thanked her for doing such a great job!)

The next step was to teach him to set the boundary on his own. I told him that if someone was too close to him he can say “Stop! It’s my turn.” He practiced a couple of times and then ran off to play. A few minutes later he came back and whispered, “What are the words when someone is behind me?” We practiced again and high-fived. This happened 2 or 3 more times. Then he came up to me and TOLD me in a strong voice, “Stop! It’s my turn!”, smiled, and ran off again to play. As I watched him continue to play I noticed he no longer looked nervous and tentative. He came across more confident and I even saw him turn around once to another child and use his new skill!

Authentic lessons are so effective and take no time to prepare! Opportunities to teach personal safety skills present themselves all the time. Take advantage of these little moments to give your children language they can use to keep themselves safe and develop their confidence. It makes a difference!

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Digital Parenting

The recent cold front meant hot chocolate and fires in the fireplace at our house. It also meant lots of screen time! Like most parents, I struggle with how to manage what my children are exposed to and what kinds of sites are most beneficial for them. As they get older, I worry about online safety.

Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI)  offers tips for navigating the internet safety with your kids.   Their blog, Good Digital Parenting has research and information regarding social media, online games and advice on how to manage these issues with your children.

Using technology to learn, create and connect is wonderful. Learning to use technology safely is a must!

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Mixed messages

An article in Parents Magazine suggests that as adults we should avoid talking to a child we don’t know. It claims that by doing so we encourage other children to talk to strangers (us) which models for our kids that it is okay for strangers to talk to them.

While it is true that it is safer for children to check with their adult before talking to a person they don’t know, it is not true that children should NEVER talk to a stranger.

it may be more accurate to suggest, “Don’t engage an unknown child in unnecessary conversation.”

As a protector of children I take seriously my responsibility to help keep all children safe. If I see a child who is hurt, scared or in danger with no obvious safe adult around I will offer help. If I see a child putting herself or others in immediate danger I will intervene. I would hope that other adults would do the same for my children.

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My Child is Miserable!


Over the years, thousands of upset worried parents have reached out to Kidpower for help, saying, “My child is miserable because of bullying. What should we do?”

Many of the following resources were inspired by our response to this urgent question. To prevent and stop bullying, we need awareness so we know what is happening with our kids, understanding about the problems bullying causes and how to help, and skills for intervention, advocacy, teaching personal safety, and creating positive social climates.

Because October is Bullying Prevention Month, I want to remind you about some of our recommended books and resources in our free online Library including a video by teens for teens, podcasts to discuss with young people, and articles for adults…

For the rest of this article, go to

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