Kids Need Practice to Be Safe!

In honor of Child Abuse Awareness month, Austin PD is raising awareness about child sexual abuse through their new I Have the Power Campaign“The only way to prevent child abuse is for kids to know that they have the power to stop it when it happens,” said Lt. Justin Newsom. 

Letting kids know that they can and should ask for help is incredibly important. Teaching children the skills they need to do so and giving them the opportunity to practice them is critical. Telling an adult isn’t easy. As with any skill, children need practice to become successful. 

Kidpower can provide the skills and coach the practice.

Kidpower teaches kids of all age’s skills to set personal boundaries, take charge of situations, ask for help and KEEP asking until they get help. In our workshops, children practice these skills through relevant and age appropriate role plays.  

After a workshop a mother who attended with her daughter contacted us. She said that on the way home from the workshop her daughter shared something that she had been hiding for a long time: that she had been getting molested for 2 years by a family friend. The workshop gave her the skills and confidence to get help.

Kidpower Austin offers a variety of services for children, families, classrooms, teen groups, and adults.  

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