Inspiring Rescue

The young woman who was abducted in downtown Dallas was more than just lucky. Her actions surely saved her from tragedy. She was forced into a car at gun point and the car sped away. Even in such a frightening situation, she had the presence of mind to reach out for help from the passengers in the car next to her.

One of the young men who rescued her said, “We made eye contact, and I see this serious expression on her face. I read her lips and she was like, ‘help me’.” The men called 911 and followed the car until the police were able to catch up and arrest the perpetrator.

The young men that saved her acted heroically. Hopefully they are a reminder to everyone to be more than passive bystanders when we see something unjust.  They were brave and they were smart by keeping themselves safe in the process.

This young woman is also a hero! Without her actions, the young men who rescued her would never have even known she was in danger.

Here are a few simple Kidpower safety tips that can help you get out of a dangerous situation:

  • Do your best not to go with an attacker who is threatening you. Almost always, you are safer trying to escape rather than giving this person additional privacy and control. Even if they have a gun, most people won’t shoot, and those that do will most likely miss. Stay in public and avoid letting them take you anywhere secluded.
  • Direct others to help. Make eye contact and tell them what to do. Bystanders can become frozen out of disbelief and not knowing what to do. Giving them a simple command can spur them into action.
  • Keep looking for a way to escape. Even if you are trapped, keep looking for a moment when you can yell for help or run to safety.

For more information, read the following article on the Kidpower International website:


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