Colton Turner Tragedy

Even for those of us who didn’t know Colton Turner, the tragedy of his death is a heart break. In the wake of such terrible sadness, we are all faced with the troubling questions, “If I saw something that may be putting a child in danger, would I do something? How would I intervene?”  While I like to think I would, not knowing how to intervene can make it difficult to do so.

People that knew Colton did intervene and did what they knew how to do. There were reports to CPS, friends and family supported the mother as best they could. It’s a sad thing that our system is so broken and ineffective that it did not save Colton. Sometimes tragedies happen. In Colton’s case there may be nothing that could have been done.

But often tragedies are preventable. In Colton’s memory we need to look at the difficult questions and do everything in our power to stop the abuse of any child.

Here are a few ways you can help-

  • Even if you know a report has been made to CPS, report it again.
  • Offer support to people who may be in need. “It looks like you are having a hard time. Is there any way I can help you?”
  • Know the local resources available to families and children.
  • If you see something, say something.
  • Make the Kidpower Put Safety First Commitment

I WILL Put the Safety and Well-Being of Young People Ahead of Anyone’s Embarrassment, Inconvenience or Offense!


Through the first annual Child Protection Month, Kidpower is putting the focus on adult leadership in protecting the safety and best interests of children. Join us and be a protector of children!

visit to make the commitment.

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